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    wow. just wow. I've only been GF since this past spring and oats have been a hard thing to give up. I will admit I haven't entirely, though I stick to things that claim to have been certified GF, but I've been looking for a good oat for my own actual usage and long term storage. (Hey, it's national preparedness month and with all the weird weather...) GF food storage is so hard to find, I would love to add oats back in to storage as well as my own cooking again. Winter is coming here to Alaska all too soon and I'm going to want some good hot cereal in the mornings :)

    Deb Wheaton Not Even A Crumb

    Hi Shirley,
    You're on the list. Details on the way in a couple of days.

    Deb Wheaton Not Even A Crumb

    Hi Jenn,
    Yes, Dr. Sands will explain the science in my next post.
    I'll have all the details for the samples in a couple of days. I'll put you on the list.

    Jenn M

    Good to hear some science behind GF oats. I'd love to try these, as even GF oats aren't tolerated here.

    Shirley @ gfe

    I had read the study about some certified gf oats being better tolerated by those who are gluten free than others. I didn't have a brand name though, so thank you! Will share on my Facebook page, etc., and I'd love to try these. :-)


    Deb Wheaton Not Even A Crumb

    Just wanted to say thanks again.
    You're on the list and the details will be coming to you shortly.



    Great post. The additional information about the "au naturel" oats is wonderful. I use these particular oats in so many things (granola, muffins, bars, etc.). I've even blitzed a small amount of leftover cooked oatmeal in the blender with either veggie or chicken broth and added it to soups and stews as a healthy thickener. I'm very creative with these Montana-grown oats. My daughter has problems with oats, but I've had her try some of my homemade granola (I add these oats to it) and she's been fine. There's something to be said for naked oats! =)

    Your point about fiber is a good one. Americans don't get enough fiber as it is, so it's important to add the oats slowly. The reaction some people have could be to the increased fiber rather than the protein in the oats. Fiber is such an important part of a healthy diet, you just have to increase it slowly and drink plenty of water.

    Thanks for all the work you're doing, Deb. Good stuff!


    Ahhh. My DH would love to try these. Thanks for the photos and details!

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