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    Deb Wheaton Not Even A Crumb

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks! I fully, and shamelessly admit to being a very proud mom. I havent seen the new DVD yet, but Im looking forward to their perspective on it - 25 yrs later.



    Great post, Deb. It's wonderful that Wil is helping spread awareness through his channels as well. The more people who can be reached, the better. Plus, he sounds like a really good kid (grown kid). =) BTW, I loved that movie! It's one of my all-time favorites. Next time I see it, I'll look for you in the barf-o-rama scene!

    Can't wait to see your MT GF Processors post. Hope you took lots of pictures. Wish I could have been there. I'm experimenting right now with a dried cherry, oat and oat flour granola bar. Lots of other ingredients as well, but the oats and oat flour are from the farmers in MT. I love those guys!

    P.S. I'll share this post around via Twitter, etc.

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