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    You pack more information into a blog post than anyone I know. Plus, you entertain us along the way! What a fun ride this post is -- everything from sort-of-gluten-free-pizza to Mrs. Alaska (wonderful lady) to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (not-so-wonderful lady). Thanks for all you do, Deb!
    PS I know the whole drama about Domino's, but the bottom/bottom line is, that stuff is not healthy, even if you don't need it to be GF. Make your own awesome GF pizza with beets, cauliflower, kale and garlic (or, any other wonderful assortment of healthy ingredients). There are so many good GF crust recipes out there now. Hey, how about we try making one with your ground oats? Hmmm? I have a grain grinder. I might have to try that. Ground oat pizza crust topped with veggies? Wow, what a power meal that would be. I'll keep you posted. Oops, my PS is longer than my comment. =)

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