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    lovely to see the awareness of celiac disease bein heightened, thankyou
    really insightful interesting blog,

    Heather Twist

    They are saying "celiac has increased" mainly based on one study of WW2 pilots. But here is the deal: before WW2, there were no antibiotics, and infant mortality was much higher. You can figure that the sickly celiac kids died at a much higher rate than they do today, even if they are not diagnosed. I was one such kid: always sick, saved by antibiotics.

    The other factor that is not mentioned is that we have a lot more "not Europeans" now eating wheat. Populations that are just now beginning to ingest the stuff, have a different genetic mix, since celiac tends to kill off susceptible people. The WW2 fighters were primarily European stock.

    Last, pilots are the healthiest of the healthiest. Sickly types (the ones with undiagnosed celiac) would be rather unlikely to be WW2 pilots.

    So while there may be factors that are causing an increase in celiac (like: baby formula with iron in it!), this study doesn't show it.

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